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III. Characters

The following links will give you access to different approaches to converting the Al-Qadim 2nd Edition content to D&D 3/3.5.

Al-Qadim Conversion Downloads

  • New Arabian Adventure, v7.1: zip / pdf
    Visit for updates
  • Al-Qadim Conversion Manual, v1.00: zip / pdf
    Updates here as they become available

Here's a link to the basic 3rd edition conversion manual page from Wizards of the Coast:

Another excellent conversion of Arabian Adventures that's pretty far along. 1/15/01

A 3rd edition Sha'ir. Aside from a few typos, it's a nice conversion. 1/15/01

Another 3rd edition Sha'ir. This conversion has been "tweaked" a bit too much for my personal taste. Still, it was the first conversion that we could find. 12/1/01

A Ghul Lord conversion. 1/15/01

And finally, a page that offers some suggestions on converting the Arabian Adventures sourcebook. 1/15/01

Ken Kelly

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